Inside Jacqueline Fernandez’s Favourite Spot In Her House


From reading scripts to lounging by the window, this beautiful spot is Jacqueline Fernandez’s favourite one

Jacqueline Fernandez in her revamped home by Gauri Khan (Images Credit: Gauri Khan)

After spending weeks and months travelling across the world, we imagine that jet-setters like our favourite Bollywood folk would crave a bit of leisure time at home. After all, no matter where you drop your pin on the globe, there’s no place as comfy as home.

Jacqueline Fernandez seems to feel the same as she got her house revamped recently. And who better to give her crib an update than Gauri Khan. Not only is Gauri the better half of superstar Shah Rukh Khan, she is also the interior designer to B-town’s stars. In the past, her brand Gauri Khan Designs has redecorated and waved their magic wand over the homes of numerous celebrities including Ranbir Kapoor and Varun Dhawan. Jacqueline is the latest on the list and seems to be mighty pleased with the job well done.

Jacqueline gave us a glimpse into her favourite spot in her home on Instagram, a cosy nook that looks extremely inviting. Surrounded by large paneled windows, Jacqueline says that she loves to read, write and relax in the spot. The space is engulfed in a muted colour palette with the only colour pop coming from floral accents. The lounging area seems to have low seating to sprawl and is surrounded by many cushions, which Gauri mentions is an important style component.

It is also peppered with plenty of wall accents like artwork and accessories along with a large lamp throwing light from the top. There are also shelves on the wall as well as a distressed ladder that is fashioned as a magazine rack. Plus, if Jacquline ever wants to read and grab a bite, a matching floral bed tray will come to the rescue.

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